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"Found the best version of myself" (In 3 Sessions)

"In the first session we defined the goals to be achieved and in the 2nd session, the change was incredible. In the 3rd and final session, I felt that I had found the best version of myself and what I was looking for."
- Inês Sousa

what is RNT™ elite performance


Rapid Neuro Transformations™

Rapid Neuro Transformations™ is a program designed to help you unlock your brain's potential for peak performance through targeted techniques that works directly with your subconscious mind. It focuses on rewiring limiting beliefs, enhancing focus, and achieving lasting positive changes.

  • RNT™ utilizes techniques to optimize your brain's natural neuroplasticity.

  • Rewire negative thinking patterns, build powerful new habits, and unlocks higher level of mental performance.

  • Neuro Transformations empowers you to overcome stress, enhance focus, and boost your cognitive abilities.

Say Goodbye to your self sabotaging behaviours FOREVER!

are you strugling with any of these?


You know that you are capable of so much more, yet something always drag you down from reaching the peak.

A constant voice telling you things that is not helping you an ounce? Always feels like driving your life with feet on both brake and gas at the same time? Feel like you could achieve more, but can't go past an invisible ceiling? If you identify with any of these situations, you are in the right place.

  • Are you stuck in life because of self sabotaging behaviours?

  • Are you stopping your own success with your limiting beliefs?

  • Are you hindered by an invisible emotional baggage?

If you think this is you, don't worry, we can help! And that too in less than 3 sessions!

Don't take our words for it. Below is a real life case study.

Case Study: Matthew Nooren

Shattering Limits: Matthew's Business Breakthrough

Matthew Nooren's scaffolding business thrived, but he felt a nagging sense of stagnancy. Despite achieving financial security, limiting beliefs like "I don't deserve more" held him back from pursuing further growth.

Neuro Transformations Coaching helped Matthew silence his inner critic. He learned powerful new strategies and rediscovered his motivation. Now, Matthew actively seeks opportunities for expansion, shattering his invisible ceiling and experiencing explosive business growth in the construction industry.


Before vs After RNT™ Elite Performance

  • Trapped in Comfort Zone

  • Limiting Beliefs Hold You Back

  • Hitting a Plateau

  • Untapped Potential Lies Dormant

  • Scattered Focus Hinders Results

  • Unlock Peak Performance

  • Confidence Takes Flight

  • Breakthrough Goals Become Reality

  • Unleash Your True Potential

  • Laser Focus Drives Results

Meet Your Neuro Transformations Guide


Building Peak Performers from the Inside Out: Dan Nakamura isn't just an expert, he's walked the path of transformation himself.

From a martial artist and national vice-champion powerlifter to a leading Neuro Transformations coach, Dan's journey is fuelled by a deep understanding of the human mind and body.

What sets Dan apart:

  • Decades of Expertise: Dan's 20-year career as an alternative therapist provides a foundation for his holistic approach

  • Mind-Body Connection Master: Recognizing the mind's impact on physical well-being, Dan delved into Life Coaching to create a complete lightning fast solution.

  • Seeker of Cutting-Edge Techniques: Driven by the pursuit of rapid results, Dan has mastered NLP, EFT, Life Coaching, and Control System to deliver results fast.

  • Proven Athlete, Proven Peak Performer: From his black belt in Karate to his national powerlifting achievements, Dan embodies the peak performance mindset he teaches.

  • Empathy Through Experience: After overcoming his own battles with anxiety and panic attacks, Dan offers a deeply understanding and supportive coaching experience.

Certified in

hear what others are saying about dan

Scaling business to 100k in 12 weeks : Shelly's Journey

Did imposter syndrome hold you back from achieving your financial goals? Just like Shelly, who overcame self-doubt to generate $100k in her business, the Neuro Transformations program can help you too.

Through our program, Shelly silenced her inner critic and developed the confidence to take action, leading to rapid financial success. Hear Shelly's story and discover how Dan's coaching can help you break free from self-doubt and unlock your full potential to achieve your financial goals.



50+ High Performers until 2024

Join the ever growing happy customers worldwide

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Some More Peak Performance Results

"From day one, I felt results dealing with my financial problems without anxiety or catastrophic thoughts.

During the sessions, the results became more and more effective and increased my work performance, organizational capacity, simultaneously decreasing anxiety and negative thoughts."

- Marilia Santos

"In the last sessions I did with Dan I wanted to unblock some fears that I had when I wanted to speak English in public, in my mind there was an incredible fear of failing, of speaking wrong and Dan helped me to overcome this block, having realised the origin of the problem and taking the opportunity to help me overcome some of my fears that stemmed from unresolved issues from the past."

- Regina Fernandes

“I immediately felt the differences in my behavior, in my daily life, in my choices. More lightness, tranquility and confidence. For me, it was an alignment, it brought relief from many internal conflicts, as I went through a period of very conscious transformation, and there was something that often led me to react in old patterns, which is no longer the case. Thanks! Really, thank you from the heart!”

- Andreia Correia

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