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15 years of anxiety gone in ONE session

"Almost immediately you can feel the difference. In the first session itself, i couldn't stop smiling from inside. The weekend after the first session it was my first time going shopping without anxiety. I looked for it and I couldn't find it! "
- Alex Wahlberg



The 8-Week Elite Performance Program powered by RNT™ (Rapid Neuro Transformations™) is your fast track to peak performance. We rewire your brain for success in just 8 weeks. Join us and become the high achiever you were meant to be. See real client results below!

  • Shelly, a successful lady, has conquered sleepless nights and impostor syndrome. Now she is on the road to 100K months in her online business while feeling more relaxed and confident!

  • Matthew closed a client right after our first session of mind reprogramming that made him more assertive, focused, and relaxed. He made his investment back in just a day! He is now thriving and growing his business with less stress and with a high-performance mindset! Also, he is building those rock-solid muscles; health and fitness are also important for all high achievers!

  • Marlene went from being stuck in her fitness job, which was more than a full-time job, to starting her first online business by working on her mindset with our 12-week High Performance. Her mindset, clarity, and focus are all aligned to create the life she really deserves!

The core four pillars

The Elite Performance Program Pillars

Pillar 1: Lifestyle Blueprint

You start here with Lifestyle Management Report that analyses your habits and schedule, helping you identify opportunities for peak performance. Together, we'll craft a personalized roadmap - your Elite Performance Lifestyle Plan.

Pillar 2: Habit Engineering

We'll engineer powerful, long-lasting habits specifically tailored to you. Boost your focus, optimize daily routines, and refine leadership skills. This plan, personally created by Dan, empowers you to conquer goals with unmatched efficiency.

Pillar 3: Weekly RNT™ Sessions

Experience the power of one-on-one coaching with Dan. Each week, you'll receive his personalized guidance and support, ensuring your goals receive the ultimate focus and priority. Leverage the power of Rapid Neuro Transformations™ (RNT™) coaching to break through limiting beliefs and unlock your true potential. Leave each session with a clear, action-oriented plan, feeling confident and empowered to dominate your week.

Pillar 4: 7-Figure Mindset Mastery

Unlock your true potential! Dan personally coaches you in powerful techniques to reprogram your neuro-connections. Eliminate limiting beliefs and negative emotions that hold you back. This pillar is crucial for long-term success. We'll upgrade your mind for unwavering discipline, eliminate lack of motivation, and ensure lasting results – even after the program ends.

Is the Elite Performance Program Right for You?

Are you tired of feeling stuck and unfulfilled?

Do you find yourself constantly striving but failing to reach your full potential?

Perhaps you're plagued by self-doubt and limiting beliefs that keep you from achieving your goals.

Maybe you're stuck in a cycle of unproductive habits that drain your energy and hinder your progress.

The Elite Performance Program is designed for ambitious individuals like you who are ready to:

  • Unlock Peak Performance: Experience a surge in focus, productivity, and resilience, allowing you to achieve more in less time.

  • Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs: Overcome self-doubt and negative patterns that have been holding you back.

  • Develop Unwavering Confidence: Build unshakeable self-belief and a winning mindset to tackle any challenge.

  • Master Your Habits: Create sustainable, high-impact habits that elevate your performance and well-being.

  • Achieve Peak Mental Toughness: Develop the mental fortitude to thrive under pressure and navigate challenges with ease.

If you answered yes to any of these questions,

then the Elite Performance Program can be a game-changer for you.

And we want to remind you..

This program is NOT for everyone!

It's not for those who are content with mediocrity or unwilling to put in the effort required for lasting transformation. However, if you're dedicated to achieving breakthrough results and becoming the best version of yourself, the Elite Performance Program can help you get there.

Here are some signs this program is a perfect fit for you:

  • You're a busy professional or entrepreneur seeking to maximize your performance and impact

  • You're frustrated with the lack of progress you've been making despite your hard work

  • You're ready to invest in yourself and unlock your true potential

  • You're open to learning new strategies and committing to long-term change

  • You no longer can live a mediocre life any more and want more from your life

Ready to unleash your peak performance?

Case Study: Jason ring

"It was like blowing up the log jam" : Jason Transforms His Life and Business

Jason, a busy entrepreneur and an active networker who was looking to find the root cause that was holding him back and get some rapid results in his business and life. He felt the difference of Rapid Neuro Transformations™ right from the first consultation call!

This is what Jason has to say about his first ever RNT™ session.

"1000%, it was like the philosophy of blowing up the logjam. It just blew it up and started things very quickly.

Dan is the mindset ninja!"

Meet Your Neuro Transformation Guide


Building Peak Performers from the Inside Out: Dan Nakamura isn't just an expert, he's walked the path of transformation himself.

From a martial artist and national vice-champion powerlifter to a leading Neuro Transformations coach, Dan's journey is fuelled by a deep understanding of the human mind and body.

What sets Dan apart:

  • Decades of Expertise: Dan's 20-year career as an alternative therapist provides a foundation for his holistic approach

  • Mind-Body Connection Master: Recognizing the mind's impact on physical well-being, Dan delved into Life Coaching to create a complete lightning fast solution.

  • Seeker of Cutting-Edge Techniques: Driven by the pursuit of rapid results, Dan has mastered NLP, EFT, Life Coaching, and Control Systems to deliver results fast.

  • Proven Athlete, Proven Peak Performer: From his black belt in Karate to his national powerlifting achievements, Dan embodies the peak performance mindset he teaches.

  • Empathy Through Experience: After overcoming his own battles with anxiety and panic attacks, Dan offers a deeply understanding and supportive coaching experience.

Multi disciplinary certifications

What people are saying about Dan

Past Client Testimonials

Throughout his extensive career, Dan Nakamura has impacted the lives of high achievers from diverse backgrounds.

His coaching has empowered celebrities, UFC fighters, successful business men and women, international musicians, models and more. This vast experience allows him to tailor his approach to individual needs, whether you're a busy entrepreneur seeking peak performance or an artist aiming to unlock your creative potential.

Regardless of your profession or background, Dan's unique coaching methods can equip you with the tools and mindset to achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself. Here is what others say about Dan's coaching.

Dan is not only very professional and respectful, but he also genuinely wants to help people be as happy and healthy as they can be. He celebrates all victories with you. This rapport based on mutual trust and kindness was what enabled me to approach some sensitive and painful topics and to be truly open to work through them and overcome them.

- Alexandra Martins

Working with Dan is very easy from the beginning, he conveys immense calm, security and empathy. Qualities aside, what counts are the final results and these are surprising, to say the least. I found myself again in attitude, energy, joy, with a heart full and open to the world.

Thank you very much, Dan, I will always be grateful for what you helped me to overcome.

- Mário Cunha

Dan is an outstanding professional with personal characteristics that I admire a lot such as love, friendship and solidarity.

I highly recommend him, because he makes me feel that I’m talking with my best friend.

- Paulo Vieira


Before vs After RNT™ Elite Performance

  • Trapped in Comfort Zone

  • Limiting Beliefs Hold You Back

  • Hitting a Plateau

  • Unleashed Potential Lies Dormant

  • Scattered Focus Hinders Results

  • Unlock Peak Performance

  • Confidence Takes Flight

  • Breakthrough Goals Become Reality

  • Unleash Your True Potential

  • Laser Focus Drives Results


Perfect Program for

Ambitious Professionals

Productivity Seekers

Visionary Entrepreneurs

Stagnated Achievers

Burned Out Professionals

Hidden Potential Seekers

Overwhelmed Go-Getters

Self-Doubting Leaders

Distracted Achievers

Some results from australia

Scaling business to 100k in 12 weeks : Shelly's Journey

Did imposter syndrome hold you back from achieving your financial goals? Just like Shelly, who overcame self-doubt to generate $100k in her business, the Neuro Transformations program can help you too.

Through our program, Shelly silenced her inner critic and developed the confidence to take action, leading to rapid financial success. Hear Shelly's story and discover how Dan's coaching can help you break free from self-doubt and unlock your full potential to achieve your financial goals.



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more TESTIMONIALS from past clients

Some More Peak Performance Results

"From day one, I felt results dealing with my financial problems without anxiety or catastrophic thoughts.

During the sessions, the results became more and more effective and increased my work performance, organizational capacity, simultaneously decreasing anxiety and negative thoughts."

- Marilia Santos

"In the last sessions I did with Dan I wanted to unblock some fears that I had when I wanted to speak English in public, in my mind there was an incredible fear of failing, of speaking wrong and Dan helped me to overcome this block, having realised the origin of the problem and taking the opportunity to help me overcome some of my fears that stemmed from unresolved issues from the past."

- Regina Fernandes

“I immediately felt the differences in my behavior, in my daily life, in my choices. More lightness, tranquility and confidence. For me, it was an alignment, it brought relief from many internal conflicts, as I went through a period of very conscious transformation, and there was something that often led me to react in old patterns, which is no longer the case. Thanks! Really, thank you from the heart!”

- Andreia Correia


Unleash Peak Performance, Guaranteed!

Your success is our mission. That's why we offer a results-oriented guarantee. We work tirelessly alongside you until you achieve your performance goals. Our track record speaks for itself – every client to date has experienced significant improvement. Join us and unlock your full potential, risk-free.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm new to neuro transformations concepts?

Our program is designed to be accessible, even for those unfamiliar with neuro transformations. We'll break down the science into easy-to-understand concepts and provide practical exercises to rewire your brain for peak performance. You'll gain powerful tools to unlock your full potential, regardless of your background.

How does the program achieve rapid and lasting results?

We combine cutting-edge neuroscience with proven coaching techniques to create a program tailored for fast and long-lasting change. You'll experience rapid shifts in your mindset and behavior through targeted exercises and strategies that rewire your neural pathways for sustainable success.

What if I don't experience results quickly?

Everyone's journey is unique. While many clients experience significant breakthroughs quickly, we understand individual progress may vary. We offer ongoing support and personalized coaching throughout the program to ensure you're on track to achieve lasting results. We're committed to your success and will adjust strategies as needed to help you reach your goals.

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